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Sports Massage

Sports Massage is one of the most effect forms of therapy and has many benefits; physically, psychologically and physiologically.

Sports massages help to restore mobility that has been lost in the soft tissues and releases the built up tension in the body which can be due to overuse.

Sports massage in Milton Keynes

Sports massage involves the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Sport Massages can also reduce further injuries and increase pliability within the body.

Sports Massage therapy does not only benefit athletes, it is also suitable for non-athletes, it is not solely for injured individuals and can be used to the advantage of those who only want to increase their performance in everyday life.

Physiological benefits

  • Pain Reduction- Tension and waste products built up in the muscles can cause pain, a sports massage can help to reduce this in various ways.
  • Relaxation- The soft tissues are relaxed through heat, incline in circulation and stretching, which stimulate the mechanoreceptors creating relaxation.

Psychological benefits

  • Anxiety Reduction- Relaxation due to a sports massage, can cause the levels of anxiety to decrease.
  • Invigorating Bodily Response- If a massage has been performed with brusque movements, it can cause an invigorating response.

Physical benefits

  • Increase in Pliability- Sport massages stretch muscle tissue longitudinally and laterally, which increases the amount of movement that the body is capable of.
  • Break Down of Scar Tissue- Scar tissue is formed whenever the muscle experiences any trauma, it can also affect the ligaments and tendons. Failure of treatment as soon as the injury happens, can lead to flexibility issues in the future. Massages break down scar tissues and reduce the chances of following injuries and pains.
  • Increase in Tissue Permeability- Massage therapy opens up the pores within the tissue membrane, allowing nutrients to pass through easily which leads to the removal of lactic acid and allows the muscle to take in more oxygen and nutrients, which will help the muscles to recover.
  • Enhanced Blood Flow- Massage increases blood flow to the tissue in similar way to exercise and dilates the blood vessels by stretching them.

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